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The IM route is often used for medications that will not irritate soft tissue and can be suitably dissolved. The delivery of medication into skeletal muscles, with fewer pain receptors and good blood perfusion, minimises pain. INJECTION SITES. The dorsogluteal site: the injection is administered into the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttock. Gluteus maximus makes up most of the shape and form of your buttock and hip area. The gluteus maximus is a thick fleshy muscle with a quadrangular shape. Gluteus maximus is a large muscle and plays a prominent role in the maintenance of keeping the upper body erect. Gluteus maximus is also a site of intramuscular injection.

injection right above the V in the center of the thigh. Gluteus Maximus muscle in the buttocks: You may choose this site only if a caregiver gives you the injection. To find the correct location for injecting into the Gluteus maximus muscle, expose the buttocks and divide in your mind each buttock into four parts. Generally only limited injection volumes can be given by intramuscular injection: 2 ml in the deltoid and thigh muscles, and up to 5 ml in the gluteus maximus. The point of injection should be as far as possible from major nerves and blood vessels to avoid neural. 22/02/2013 · Intramuscular IM injection is one of many routes for administering medications, including antibiotics, vaccines, hormonal therapies, and corticosteroids. 1,2 Even when alternate routes of administration are available, IM injections may be preferred when a. Answers from trusted physicians on im injection gluteus maximus. First: I have heard this scenario from patients multiple times and I must admit - I don't understand the rationale of the treatment. If your MD/DO wishes to treat your injury with "systemic" steroids - meaning it goes all around your body it should be done with pills - a medrol pak. Yes, you can. Any large muscle, such as the upper arm, outer thigh, or gluteus maximus buttocks can be used for the intramuscular injections of flu vaccines. However, many people avoid this location for flu shots since the site can be tender and muscles sore for some time after the injection due to local reaction to the injected vaccine.

We were not taught to use the gluteal muscle for IM injectips as it is not recommended due to sciatic nerve injury. Gluteal IM Injection. Nurses Nov 17, 2017 1,036 Views 12 Comments by gpmedsec New. we tend to use other gluteal muscles not gluteal maximus. 0. Share this post. Where can I give an intramuscular injection? Thigh: Look at your thigh and divide it into 3 equal parts. The middle third is where the injection will go. The thigh is a good place to give yourself an injection because it is easy to see. It is also a good spot for children younger than 3 years old. Both surveys cited an impressive body of literature demonstrating that some complications of IM injection are linked specifically to the injection site. Of the four possible sites for IM injection, the authors found only one-the ventrogluteal-that had not been associated with any.

Due to their rich blood supply, IM injection sites can absorb larger volumes of solution, which means a range of medications, such as sedatives, anti-emetics, hormonal therapies, analgesics, and immunizations, can be administered intramuscularly in the community and acute care setting Hunter, 2008; Ogston-Tuck, 2014a.

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